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Taiwan - Sai Love in Action

Swami’s Teaching

Daily Sai Inspire messages and Swami’s quotations have been translated into Chinese and shared via the line group and Facebook.

Vegetarian Recipe

A recipe of a vegetarian dish in Chinese is introduced every week and shared via Line and Facebook with the Chinese devotees


Due to the pandemic, The Chinese center started online bhajans on April 18, 2021 and livestream the bhajans on Facebook.

Bhajans are also held in the Indian Center once a week.

Regular face-to-face bhajan sessions were resumed in the Chinese center on Oct. 16.

Ahkanda Bhajan was conducted 18:00-20:00, Saturday, Nov. 13 in the Chinese center and 5-6 pm on Nov 14 in the Indian center.

Ladies’ Day Bhajans was conducted 17:00-18:00, Saturday, Nov. 20 in the Chinese center.

Swami’s Birthday will be celebrated with bhajans and lunchbox seva to the homeless in Wanhua district.


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