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Outfitting Hope with School Uniform Outreach by BM Centre of SSSGAM

On the 25th February 2024, Bukit Mertajam (BM) Centre of Sri Sathya Sai Global Association Malaysia (SSSGAM) purchased uniforms for 13 children from the lower income group.

Education is the most important aspect in a child's life and the least anyone could do is to motivate those from the lower income group by supporting them by sponsoring uniforms, stationeries, shoes etc rather than them giving up hope.

The BM Centre Balvikas/SSE students have been practising Ceiling on Desire and had been saving money to help the needy. The savings were used in this seva to purchase the uniforms.

7 members from the centre had taken the initiative to bring the affected children to purchase the uniforms just before the beginning of the next school term.


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