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Indonesia - Volcano Eruption Induces Love In Action by SSSGC Indonesia

An eruption of Mount Semeru, a volcano in the East Java province of the Indonesian island of Java, began on 4 December 2021. The eruption began after heavy precipitation caused the collapse of the lava dome at the summit. Pyroclastic flows and lahars damaged at least 5,205 homes and several public buildings. At least 43 people have died, 104 more are injured, while 13 are unaccounted for as of now.

The devotees from all Sai Centres under SSSGC Indonesia sprang into action by preparing the basic necessities such as blankets, towels, daily wear clothes and food packages.

The items prepared so far are :

  1. 600pcs blankets

  2. 600 Towels

  3. 600 baby clothes

  4. 600 pieces of Sarong

  5. 1200pc t-shirts

  6. 500 food packages worth Rp150,000 each which makes up to Rp75 Million (USD5000)

This seva is carried out with a hope that we could ease their burden at least a little. May Swami showers His grace upon all affected.


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