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Inauguration of SSSGAM Ipoh (Sai Prasanthi), Malaysia

It was an entirely a new dawn for devotees in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia on 24 February 2024 after months of hard work. The day began with Omkar, Suprabatham, Homam (Ganapati & Lakshmi Pooja) in the morning & concluded with Lion Dance, Bhajan & Official Opening Ceremony by Bro Mahendran, the President of SSSGAM, in the evening as part of the Grand Inauguration of the 15th SSSGC Centre in Malaysia.

Chap Goh Mei was also celebrated grandly on the same day. Chap Goh Mei translates to the '15th night' (十五暝) in the Hokkien dialect because it takes place on the 15th day of the first month on the Lunar calendar. This marks the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations and the return of spring.

Centre Chairman Bro Desmond Ng shared how Swami guided in procuring the property and transforming it into SSSGAM Ipoh Centre (Sai Prasanthi). He thanked Swami for everything.

Bro Mahendran in his opening speech mentioned how beautiful it is to see Chinese & Indian devotees coming together under one umbrella and he hopes that more activities will kick start in the centre soon.

The event was graced by SSSGAM National Council leaders namely Bro Mahendran (President), Bro Ravin Narayanan (Deputy President), Bro Prakash Rao (Treasurer) & Bro Dave (Service Coordinator).

There were also delegates from Prai & Petaling Utama centres.

Gratitude to all the leaders, devotees & members for all the hard work put in together tirelessly to make Ipoh Sai devotees dreams to materialise. Thank You Swami for Your love, grace & blessings.


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