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Grama Seva at Gunung Kidul by SSSGC Yogyakarta, Indonesia

SSSGC Yogyakarta, Indonesia held a Grama Seva in villages at Gunung Kidul for 2 consecutive days ie 24 & 25 May 2024 with the theme "Grama Seva is Rama Seva," which means service to the village community is the same as service to God.

This activity served 1,450 people and involved 32 devotees. The event was attended by Mrs. Zuki as chairman and seva coordinator of SSSGC Yogyakarta, the President of SSSGC Indonesia as well as various Sai Centre presidents and devotees in Indonesia namely SSSGC Yogyakarta, SSSGC Jelita Bandung, SSSGC Dago Bandung, SSSGC Cahaya Kasih Lampung, SSSGC Sai Ananda Jambi, and SSSGC Jakarta.

The participants happily distributed provisions such as rice, salt, flour, vermicelli, cooking oil, instant noodles, wafers, boxes of yellow rice, fruit ice, peach gum and clothes to the community. The seva takes place over two days, serving three different villages.

On the first day, SSSGC Yogyakarta together with the people of Walikangin Village carried out joint prayer activities and distributed 200 basic food packages in memory of Mr. Mohan Mirpuri and Prof. Anil Kumar who used to do a lot of seva in this village.

Whereas, on the second day, 1,250 basic food packages were distributed in Karangtengah Village, then continued in Danggolo Village, Gunung Kidul in commemoration of Swami's Aradhana Mahotsavam and Maha Bhikkhu Ashin Jinarakkhita (SUKONG),


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