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"Waste Not Want Not" by SSSGC Taman Daya, Malaysia

We are often reminded of Mahatma Gandhi when we come across " Waste Not Want Not" and the lessons derived from Gandhiji's lost pencil which he insisted on searching for as it is still useful.

Such is the scenario practised by the members of SSSGA (Sri Sathya Sai Global Association) Taman Daya, Malaysia where they spend time driving from one supplier to another in the state of Johor to collect surplus food such as vegetables, fruits, baked products ie cakes, buns, breads every Thursday. These surplus food are then taken to 3 different low cost residential flats on the basis of weekly rotation, sorted and distributed to the underprivileged residents.

An average of 300 kg food is distributed every Thursdays to about 30 families in each flat on rotational basis. This meaningful project is made possible only by Bhagawan's grace and love.

The suppliers involved are Lotus's Malaysia, Aeon Malaysia and Deligreen Food Industries. These suppliers willingly contribute their surplus food to SSSGA Taman Daya. It is such a noble deed to not waste food and to put it to great use by serving the less privileged.

This is a collaborative effort with Kechara Soup Kitchen, Malaysia.


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