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Transforming Lives: A Look at Vagrant Home Seva by SSSGC Laos in May 2024

An average of 240 needy individuals were served by Sri Sathya Sai School Laos and members of SSSGC Laos in the month of May 2024, showcasing a strong commitment to community service and compassion.

This noble act of seva is a consistent effort carried out every Thursday without fail, demonstrating a dedicated approach towards addressing the needs of the less fortunate.

The food provided is not just sustenance, but a symbol of love and care, as it is lovingly prepared in the Sai School Canteen with attention to nutritional value and taste.

Moreover, the involvement of students from different classes in serving the vagrants adds a valuable educational component to the initiative, instilling in them the values of empathy, humility, and social responsibility.


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