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The Gut-Brain Connection by Mahila Wing of SSSGC Jakarta, Indonesia

The Mahila Wing Creative Hub sessions of SSSGC Jakarta consist of topics (Spiritual & Miscellaneous) from all walks of life for individual betterment. These sessions are not “Study Circle” sessions but they have many similarities. Basically, there is a Speaker, Moderator, a Topic and an informal Q & A session.

A speaker for any of these sessions are at times from various countries as the Sai Family is active world wide. These sessions started just before the pandemic and resumed via Zoom during the pandemic. These sessions are not restricted to Ladies Only even though they are coordinated by our Mahila team.

Sis. Bindiya Lachmandas was the guest speaker for the Creative Hub session held on the 5th July 2023. Basically, the content of the session is the Gut and Brain are connected and what goes into our tummy along with emotional and spiritual health are all important aspects. We might eat healthy food but that does not mean we are healthy. The brain affects the gut and digestion can go in the wrong direction and vice versa. Lots of information was conveyed during the session so that everyone could lead a healthy lifestyle.

The 100 minute session was attended by more than 75 Mahila devotees with the exception of about 5 brothers. The session concluded with a brief Q & A followed by Aarti and distribution of Prasadam.


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