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Embracing Tradition : Sri Sathya Sai School & SSSGC Laos Celebrates Pi Mai Lao

Sri Sathya Sai School in Laos together with SSSGC Laos recently buzzed with excitement and cultural fervor as over 600 students, teachers, and management came together to celebrate Pi Mai Lao, the Lao New Year on 12th April 2024.

The school sports center transformed into a spectacle of tradition and joy as participants immersed themselves in the vibrant festivities.

The highlight of the event was the traditional Baci ceremony, a sacred Lao ritual symbolizing the binding of spirits for good fortune, health, and prosperity. Amidst spiritual offerings and heartfelt prayers, attendees exchanged blessings and well-wishes, reinforcing the bonds of unity and community. The participants offered respect to Lord Sri Sathya Sai and Lord Buddha in traditional Lao way called ‘song phra’.

Following the solemnity of the baci ceremony, the atmosphere shifted to one of jubilation and merriment. Students, teachers, and staff engaged in various cultural activities, including traditional dances, music performances, and games, echoing the rich heritage of Lao culture.

The celebration served as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving and honoring cultural traditions in an ever-changing world. It not only provided an opportunity for participants to connect with their roots but also fostered a sense of belonging and pride in their cultural identity.

As the day came to a close, spirits were high, hearts were full, and memories were cherished. The Pi Mai Lao celebration at Sri Sathya Sai School was not just a moment in time but a testament to the enduring spirit of tradition and unity within the Lao community.


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