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SSSGC Shiva Shakti Medan Celebrates Mother's Day

Indonesia celebrates Mother's Day on a different date which is 22 December because the first Indonesian “Women's Congress” convened on that day in 1928 in the interests of promoting women's rights, and this was therefore the date chosen by Indonesia's first president when he established the celebration in 1953.

As such, on 25th December 2022, sevadals from SSSGC Shiva Shakti Medan in collaboration with Jaya Star held a belated Mother's Day seva at Taman Bodhi Asri Nursing Home.

This heartfelt seva catered to 80 elders at the home. The elders were given toiletries packs, snacks and treated to a fun filed day. The elders participated enthusiastically and some were moved to tears.

Swami has always emphasised on respecting our parents and such was the case here where the sevadals treated each elder with utmost respect and care.


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