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SSSGC Petaling Utama, Malaysia Serves the Needy in Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan Sai devotee, Bro Mohan who runs a stall in Malaysia had approached members of Petaling Utama Centre of Sri Sathya Sai Global Association Malaysia (SSSGAM) namely Sis Lalitha Jegathesan, the Spiritual Coordinator of the Centre to help out families in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

As such a donation drive was initiated in December 2022 till September 2023 to collect basic necessities such as toiletries, preloved clothes, bedsheets, towels, provisions, stationaries such as school bags, pencils, water bottle and many more essential items.

Bro Mohan and his group of friends were directly assisting with donations to Sri Lanka. The focus group of recipients in Sri Lanka are primarily families who are in the rural areas. The background to this is that the targeted population are severely affected by the economic downturn of the country whereby inflation is so high that they can't afford to buy even a toothpaste. Hence they reached out for help outside their country for basic necessities.

The project was delegated to Petaling Utama Centre in August, led by Youth Lead Sister Premalatha. A total of 4 cartons of supplies were shipped to-date with 3 more cartons planned to be delivered soon. The contributions came from different sources including devotees, committee members, extended families and generous non-devotees. Collected items were collated and then segregated by our youths in accordance to the type of items. We have closed this project as at end of September and are currently packing the items for shipment. An estimated total of 200 families will be benefitting from the donation drive.


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