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SSSGC Malaysia Northern Centres Celebrated Pongal

Two centres in the northern region of Malaysia celebrated Pongal on 14 January 2023.

Pongal is harvest festival celebrated by the Tamil community. It is a celebration to thank the Sun, Mother Nature and the various farm animals that help to contribute to a bountiful harvest. There are other names for Pongal such as Makar Sankranthi, Lohri, Uttarayana and Magh Bihu.

Sai Jyothi Alma Centre and Bukit Mertajam Centre in Penang, a northern state in Malaysia started the day with colourful Rangoli and cooking of jaggery rice. The event was supported by the centres' members, SSE students' parents and devotees.

Bukit Mertajam Centre also commenced their first SSE class for the year on the same day with Bhagawan's blessings.


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