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Sociocare Seva by Sai Young Adults of SSSGC Jakarta, Indonesia

“Kali Jodoh” is a place in Jakarta where the underprivileged reside. Seva items can be easily distributed in many areas. However, every child seek some entertainment.

Hence, 25 Sai Young Adults of SSSGC Jakarta, Indonesia decided to conduct a “Sociocare & Entertainment” Seva combination for the sake of children on the 16th July 2023. The entertainment part of this Seva consisted of an Ice breaking session followed by singing nursery rhymes and having fun activities with the children.

Thereafter a total 100 packs of stationeries comprising of notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpeners, colour pencils were given to the children. 100 packs of provisions were also distributed to needy families.

These 200 children and families were also treated with lunch boxes as Narayana seva.


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