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Sai Green Project by SSSGC Bali, Indonesia

Saba Asri Sea Turtle Conservation located at Saba Beach, Gianyar Bali-Indonesia is a very simple self-funded sea turtle conservation centre which continuously performs egg-rescue and beach cleaning, providing a safe hatching facility and treatment centre for injured turtles. The conservation centre is operated by local fishermen, Made Kikik who care about sustaining the existence of these endangered marine reptiles.

On 24 November 2022, SSSGC Bali, Indonesia carried out tree planting activity at the conservatory to create a conducive atmosphere for the turtles as part of Sai Green Project. Financial assistance was also offered to Made Kikik to rebuild the conservatory walls which were damaged by strong sea waves.

A total of 71 trees were planted by 17 devotees who participated.


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