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Pet Adoption Drive by Protem SSS Global Organisation Malaysia

A pet adoption drive was jointly organised by Protem Sri Sathya Sai Global Organisation Malaysia (SSSGOM) together with 2 animal NGOs namely Papansouls and Noah's Ark Ipoh to enable rescued stray pups and kittens to find their forever loving homes.

The first adoption drive held in December 2021 managed to rehome 45 pets and this second drive managed to rehome 39 pets. In total since December 2021, we have rehomed 47 puppies and 37 kittens.

Members of SSSGOM not only organise pet adoption drives but they are also actively involved in stray feeding, neutering the adult dogs, fostering and rehoming the pups.

All creation of God needs to be loved and respected. This is the aim of the Protem SSSGOM, to live up to Swami's message of Love All Serve All, Help Ever Hurt Never.


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