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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: The School Outreach Leadership Programme by SSSGC Taman Yarl

On the 8th of June 2024, the Sri Sathya Sai Global Association Malaysia Taman Yarl initiated a significant event known as the School Outreach Leadership Programme at SJK (T) Kampung Pandan. This well-planned activity was made possible with the support of 10 dedicated youths who worked together to impact over 60 students, including school prefects, class monitors, librarians, and other student leaders. The essence of this programme was to instill essential leadership skills in the young participants, not just limited to conventional leadership traits, but also incorporating the core Sai values. By integrating these values into their leadership journey, the aim was to nurture them into forward-thinking and compassionate leaders who can positively influence their peers and community.

The activities organized during the School Outreach Leadership Programme were carefully designed to engage the students in a holistic learning experience. Through interactive workshops, team-building exercises, and insightful discussions, the participants were encouraged to explore their leadership potential while reflecting on the importance of values such as integrity, empathy, and service to others. By creating a platform that blends practical leadership skills with spiritual principles, the programme aimed to equip the students with a well-rounded foundation for their future roles as leaders in various aspects of life.

Furthermore, the collaboration between SSSGAM Taman Yarl and SJK (T) Kampung Pandan not only strengthened the bond between the two institutions but also fostered a sense of community spirit among the participants. The exchange of knowledge, experiences, and values during the School Outreach Leadership Programme served as a catalyst for personal growth and collective empowerment. It was a testament to the power of mentorship and guidance in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, emphasising the significance of nurturing both the mind and the heart in leadership development.


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