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Easwaramma Day Dedication by SSSGC Singapore

Sri Sathya Sai Global Organisation Singapore (SSSGOSG) celebrated Easwaramma day on 6th May 2023 at Ceylon Road Wedding Hall, Singapore.

Programme commenced with pada pooja by 70 Sai Kindergarten children. The children dutifully washed the feet of their mothers, offering them flowers, crimson powder and vibhuthi and thereafter followed by padanamaskar.

The children then did SSEHV dances and spoke about their mothers. 25 SSE children then had a talk on Mother Easwaramma, a quiz programme based on Swami's quotations and a short skit on the role of their Mother in their lives were also staged.

The programme was well received by 300 audience. This was followed by SSE Bhajans by the Young adults and concluded with Mangala Arathi. Prasadam was also distributed.


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