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"Combined Conservation Efforts: Releasing Baby Turtles and Tree Planting for a Sustainable Environment" by SSSGC Sai Gopi Denpasar, Bali Indonesia

In the realm of environmental conservation, SSSGC Sai Gopi engaged in tree planting and released baby turtles (tukik) at Biaung beach. Releasing baby turtles into the ocean serves the purpose of safeguarding and conserving the endangered turtles. A grand total of 50 baby turtles were set free at Biaung beach, with an additional 50 baby turtles entrusted to the WWF conference and released in Nusa Dua. Furthermore, tree planting initiatives were also carried out.

A total of 25 oil palm and coconut trees were planted along the Biaung coast, while 50 Indian mango trees were distributed to parents and devotees for planting and upkeep at their residences. This initiative included the participation of Widya Kumara Kindergarten, which operates under the supervision of Sai Gopi Bali.


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