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3H Youth Leadership Camp 2023 by SSSGC Taiwan

The Youths in SSSGC Taiwan attended 3H Leadership Camp 2023 from 16th September 2023 till 23 December 2023,

The following modules were conducted :

September 16, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-1 

Speaker: Huang Boyu 

Topic: Communication and Negotiation In life

Participants: 8 

Various differences can lead to conflicts at different levels. The ability to solve problems through rational communication is crucial. How to express one's ideas clearly, ensure understanding, and grasp the overall picture of a problem in the shortest time possible is a profound skill. Through debate, participants build a thinking logic to quickly identify the essence of conflicts.

October 14, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-2

Speaker: Zhou Ye 

Topic: Visit to the Taiwan Museum 

Participants: 9

Paleontology Museum Exploring the unity of carbon cycles through observations of traces left by giant dinosaur fossils and other ancient organisms. The discussion includes the role of carbon, obtained through photosynthesis and the food chain, and its decomposition upon the death of organisms, involving atmospheric and marine sedimentary processes.

October 21, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-3 

Speaker: Xie Yizhen 

Topic: "Calculate" Your Confidence - Analyzing Human Nature through Statistics 

Participants: 10

Using diverse topics, participants answer and self-assess their confidence. After converting answers into data for analysis, the speaker shares findings, emphasizing that, despite inaccuracies, confidence is an essential element in facing life's challenges.

November 4, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-4 

Appreciation of the documentary 

"Crossing 5.4 Kilometers Over the Sea - The Story Behind Supporting the Kinmen Bridge" 

Participants: 13

Led by documentary producer Tang Yi-ning, the session discusses recent public engineering projects in Taiwan. Tang shares insights into the production process, touching on the role of planning and writing.

November 11, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-5 

Speaker: Zhou Yeh 

Topic: Time is Divine 

Participants: 11

To begin, let's discuss what time is. Is it merely the hands on a clock? Through the analysis of three movie posters – "Groundhog Day" (1993), "The Terminator" (1984), and "In Time" (2011) – we explored the attributes of time. This discussion covered three main points: 1. The repetition and accumulation of time, 2. The paradoxes of time travel, and 3. The quantification of time.

By incorporating elements from these films, such as the concept of a dystopian society, the speaker aimed to capture and engage the interests and attention of the participants. A comparison of actors from these older films with those of the present emphasized the passage of time, underlining how movies can preserve the spectacular moments of their lives.

The session also prompted philosophical reflections, such as the saying by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus: "No man ever steps in the same river twice." This statement highlights the dynamic nature of time – the river is constant, but the water that once flowed through it is forever changed. Summarizing the discussion, time is described as divine; it is limited, precious, fleeting, exchangeable, measurable, imaginable, and accumulative.

November 25, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-6

Speaker: Lin Yiling 

Topic: Money is Divine, Don't Waste It 

Participants: 9

Encouraging participants to contemplate the concept of money, questioning whether having money leads to saving or vice versa.

December 2, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-7 

Speaker: Chen Weiqi 

Topic: Writing in Taiwanese


In last week's "Writing in Taiwanese" session, Chen Weiqi shared his unexpected journey into the Taiwanese language department and the exploration of the significance of "Mandarin" for the people of Taiwan. Reflecting on two experiences with "Mandarin," the Taiwanese language always remained outside the scope. Faced with language deprivation policies and colonial oppression, Taiwanese intellectuals have, for over a century, attempted to write in their own language, expressing themselves through "Taiwanese language writing."

December 2, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-8 

Guest Speaker: Wu Congqi, Red Cross Lifesaving and First Aid Instructor Overview and valuable experiences shared on first aid (CPR+AED), lifesaving, and emergency care.


December 9, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-9 

Guest Speaker: Lin Ming-de, National Taipei University of Education, Department of Arts and Design Topic: "Self-Exploration in Group Dynamics"


December 16, 2023 

3H Youth Leadership Camp-10 

Speaker: Zhang Wei-Zheng 

Topic: Development and Challenges of Generative AI


Introduction to the development history of generative AI (genAI) and an exploration of its underlying principles. The session concludes with reflections on the advantages and disadvantages of AI, noting the students' limited exposure to new genAI tools.

December 23, 2023

Youth Leadership Camp-11

Speaker: Huang Bo-Yu

Topic: Energy is Divine, Don't Waste Energy


Is energy an infinite and inexhaustible resource? At the beginning of the session, we watched an animated short film with humorously exaggerated content. The video revealed that humanity's waste of resources and energy in daily life is more severe than imagined. Scientists have found that since August 2, 2023, we have been consuming the Earth's resources in an overdraft manner, leading to what is known as Earth Overshoot Day. In our daily lives, desire is also a powerful force that makes us forget to pursue what we truly need, and thus, Zhou Ye encouraged everyone to draw the items from the video and then cross out things in life that are unnecessary. This exercise helped us realize that aspects of life such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and entertainment can be simplified, offering various alternative ways of living.

While advocating for a vegetarian lifestyle, which can contribute to saving water resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it's essential to understand that energy is not unlimited. Simplifying our lives and embracing the concept of minimalism can lead to a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.

However, is the energy within our hearts limitless? Often accustomed to experiencing life through our senses, we may forget that we also possess powerful internal energy. By introducing the five layers that constitute our being – the food layer (Annamaya kosha), the vital energy layer (Pranamaya kosha), the mental layer (Manomaya kosha), the wisdom layer (Vijinanamaya kosha), and the bliss layer (Anandamaya kosha) – we discover that besides caring for our bodies and minds, nurturing and irrigating our hearts are equally important. Understanding these five layers helps us recognize the immense energy within ourselves.


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