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Why Do We Lose Physical Health & Mental Peace

Excerpt From The Divine Discourse | July 11, 1995

Only those who are spending their time in the contemplation of God are able to experience peace and happiness. Those who forget God and spend all their time and energy in mundane pursuits are bound to suffer. Till this day, nobody has been able to enjoy mental peace and physical comfort in full measure. The body is like a water bubble. It is nothing but a bag full of bones. Mind is like a mad monkey. It is a mistake to strive for the happiness of such a physical body and a wavering mind. As long as one is alive, one should make efforts to keep the body healthy, so that one may not cause inconvenience to others. Many spend their entire life for the sake of physical comforts and pleasures. It is only a few who are not concerned with their mind and body, but are centred on eternal peace and happiness. Human birth is meant to experience divinity and not to crave fleeting pleasures. The human body is a divine gift, which is being put to improper use instead of its proper purpose of adoring God. Do not be under the mistaken notion that the body is meant only for eating and enjoying physical pleasures. Certain duties have been assigned to man by performing which he will be able to experience happiness at the level of the body, mind, senses, and spirit.


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