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SSSGC Taiwan's Narayana Seva

Service should be rendered to those who are worse off than us and who are neglected by the world. It is the weak, the destitute and the helpless who need to be served. Even in rendering service to such persons, there should be no feeling that we are serving “others”. We should feel that we are serving the Lord Narayana who dwells in them - SSS 20.26: November 19, 1987

Bearing the above discourse from Bhagawan on mind, SSSGC Taiwan carried out Narayana seva for the homeless in Wanhua area in conjunction with Bhagawan’s 97th birthday. 108 hot meal boxes with sweets were served to the homeless.

Further Narayana seva was also carried out in 3 homes for the elderly in Tienmu where 75 elders were served.

Heartfelt joy is captured in this image

The homeless are queueing up for their food packs


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