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"Back-To-School" Project by SSSGC Taman Daya, Malaysia

Annual school supply drive or back-to-school projects basically concentrate on children from age 6 to 17 who hail from the underprivileged families.

Sri Sathya Sai Global Association (SSSGA) Taman Daya Malaysia has been carrying out such projects on annual basis.

As such for year 2023, 15 children from underprivileged families living in low costs flats were taken for shopping between 7th to 10th March to purchase their basic necessities for school such as bags, uniforms, shoes and socks. These children live from hand to mouth and simple necessities such as bags and shoes are too luxurious for their families to spend on.

On the 12th March 2023, the school supplies were handed over to the children in the divine presence of Bhagawan after the weekly centre bhajan.

Bhagawan has always placed great importance on education which was the driving force for this "Back-to-School" Project by the members of SSSGA Taman Daya.


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